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  • Hoi Chuen CHENG, 2024, "Leveraging 360° Cameras and Coordinated MultiAgent Systems for Scalable Indoor 3D Reconstruction", Thesis
  • Ziyang HONG, 2024, "Towards Effective and Efficient 3D Visual Perception", Thesis
  • Tianxin MIN, 2022, "An integrated system evaluation engine for visible light communication transceiver design", Thesis
  • Bo XU, 2022, "Design of optical transceiver systems for CMOS image sensor-based and photodiode-based visible light communication", Thesis
  • Rehan AZMAT, 2022,  "Electromagnetic interference-related common-mode noise analysis and mitigation technique for high-speed PAM-4 transmitter", Thesis
  • Yiru WANG, 2022, "Visible light positioning based robotic navigation and mapping", Thesis
  • Jian KANG, 2021, "Digital baseband design utilizing advanced modulation scheme for visible light communication system", Thesis
  • Babar HUSSAIN, 2021, "Optical camera communication based Li-Fi systems for enabling internet of optical things for smart buildings", Thesis